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INTELLISYS Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd, is a high-end global research and development company in the field of visual collaboration, videoconferencing, technology enabled collaboration and unified communication space based out of USA, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai. Our unique software based videoconferencing product "Vennfer" is creating waves with features that ushers in the future of videoconferencing today. A technological marvel developed through years of R & D by a core team of international software experts of INTELLISYS is set to revolutionize the whole concept of visual collaboration on a global scale.



The Leader in Visual Collaboration

Companies choose Vennfer because an investment in our products delivers fast, proven ROI, a consistently superior end-user experience, and impressive productivity gains. It is also the easiest way to save on your travel cost.


Vennfer is an advanced software based videoconferencing solution based on a highly sophisticated software engine developed by a core team of international software of INTELLISYS. Vennfer is designed to run on any kind of network like broadband, IIL, MPLS VPN, Leased Lines, VSATs & Cloud at bandwidth starting from 128kbps per video stream.


Why Vennfer



Extremely Powerful Visual Collaboration

Vennfer offers the broadest range of solutions to enable all user types to successfully connect and conference, no matter what the environment. All Vennfer solutions are backed by a world-class service and support organization. Whether you have two participants - or two hundred, Vennfer enables world class conferencing, communication and interaction platform.



Expand the horizon of

 education and training from

 classrooms to the world. In this age of growing education sector, it’s been witnessed that education is not anymore bound in classroom. That’s why Intellisys brings in a revolutionary video collaboration software solution that offers the educational institute to broaden their span of operation and reach. Using Vennfer you can do Live Synchronous Studio & Classroom Learning & Collaboration. Surely this is one option to spread your education from classroom
to beyond.


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When you are saving lives, you may need distant guidance from veterans.

In this age of advanced medical practice, more often than not doctors require advice from their fellow men. That’s why INTELLISYS brings in a revolutionary video collaboration & tele-medicine software solution, through which medical practitioners and hospitals can share their knowledge and expertise. With Vennfer, life becomes really safe and easy.


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In your bank, before the valued customers feel estranged, endear them.Vennfer Video Banking is an advanced & personalized multi-party, multi-device mobile based face to face video collaboration solution aimed to revolutionize the banks customer service experience by setting a video call for the customers with a centralized video branch executive and escalate if required. It is an easy, convenient and completely secure to use video banking service that offers a wide range of information and transactions to cater to the
banking needs.

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The Vennfer authorised Partners demonstrate expertise in virtually all aspects of Vennfer technology and associated network environments. Only authorised Partners are able to purchase support contracts from Vennfer and only authorised Partners have access to the technical expertise and product knowledge available from Vennfer Services. Vennfer has invested in a global service infrastructure to ensure that there will always be a technical expert available and that the best level of service is available to resolve any issue.


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