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Take advantage of a comprehensive support network of programs and resources designed to enhance your business.


The Vennfer authorised Partners demonstrate expertise in virtually all aspects of Vennfer technology and associated network environments. Only authorised Partners are able to purchase support contracts from Vennfer and only authorised Partners have access to the technical expertise and product knowledge available from Vennfer Services. Vennfer has invested in a global service infrastructure to ensure that there will always be a technical expert available to take your call and that the best level of service is available to resolve any issue.


There are three levels of authorisation and a Partner may be authorised in one or more of the levels, dependent on their business model and service capabilities.


The Service Reseller programme authorises our Partner to resell Vennfer. Although the Partner will manage the sale of the contract, the delivery of the contract itself will be performed by Vennfer Services. The Service Reseller will offer the support contracts. A support contract would ensure that a customer receives priority technical support from the Vennfer Customer Support Centre.


All contracts include the provision of software upgrades and updates, which is the most cost effective method for our customers to benefit from the future product features and enhancements as released through our software upgrades release program.


The Venner Strategic Business Partner programme authorises Partners to handle the end-user inquiries and send your own service engineers to the customer site when required, while Vennfer provides solutions for software support, technical support and escalation.


Vennfer understands the value that strong partnerships bring to our customers. By working together, we are better able to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction through consistent excellence in delivering service and support.


The National Distributor and Regional Distributor authorises Vennfer Distributors to sell Vennfer to their Distribution network.


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