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Industry Solutions

Ultimate interactive environment for videoconferencing


Vennfer offers the broadest range of solutions to enable all user types to successfully connect and conference, no matter what the environment. All Vennfer solutions are backed by a world-class service and support organization. Whether you have two participants - or two hundred, Vennfer enables world class conferencing, communication and interaction platform. Suitable for any type of industry.


SMB Solutions

Cost-effective technologies that improve operational efficiencies and accelerate growth


For SMB, video conferencing is gradually becoming one of the leading tools for communication. Businesses that have multiple offices at various locations can benefit from video conferencing even using a broadband (ADSL) connection. In such a scenario, it is not uncommon to have regular regional or departmental meetings where office or department staffs may have to travel to a particular location to take part in such. Both time and money are saved if meetings are held via video conferencing with all the pertinent information needed to be taken up being displayed on the screen and all parties involved being able to interact even without being physically present in one room.


As technological advances continue to improve in the field of video conferencing, we decided to take a whole new approach and created a video conferencing solution based on software. The single fact that it is software based not only makes the product cost effective, but also makes it extremely easy to use by people with any level of technical expertise.


Application Areas

With Vennfer you can reach employees, customers and partners in new ways, improve information exchange, encourage idea sharing, and facilitate collaboration - while reducing costs and increasing productivity and that means rapid return on your investments.


With Vennfer you can empower your employees to be more productive, effective and efficient in every department of your real-time organization and eliminate the cost associated with traveling.


Vennfer is extremely suitable for corporates with multiple divisions and geographic locations with distributed workforce, partners, suppliers and customers to establish virtual conference rooms for your enterprise.


Top Management Meetings

Mobile Conferencing

Face-to-face meetings

Sales Presentations

Brainstorming sessions

HR-corporate trainings

Employment interviews

Corporate e-learning

Inter-departmental meetings

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