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Why Vennfer

Companies choose Vennfer because an investment in our products delivers fast, proven ROI, a consistently superior end-user experience, and impressive productivity gains. It is also the easiest way to save on your travel cost.


Vennfer is an advanced software based videoconferencing solution based on a highly sophisticated software engine developed by a core team of international software of INTELLISYS. Vennfer is designed to run on any kind of network like broadband, IIL, MPLS VPN, Leased Lines, VSATs & Cloud at bandwidth starting from 128kbps per video stream. Using Vennfer you can conference with 2-17 / 37 / 200 / "N" way simultaneous videoconference locations. While conferencing you can share Word, PPT, Excel, PDF, Internet browser, chats, whiteboard and share application sharing effortlessly. While some users could be sitting in the boardroom while others in front of their desktop or travelling with a laptop in a car with a data-card or even sitting in the airport with a mobile phone can all join the same meeting seamlessly, no matter where they are.


Vennfer is a cost effective solution suitable for the Government, Corporate Enterprises, BFSI, Education & Healthcare Organizations with multiple divisions and geographic locations with customers distributed workforce, partners, suppliers, trainers, students and patients, to establish virtual conference rooms.

It is a complete IP based videoconferencing software solution built on state-of-art Microsoft and Open source platforms.

Runs on any kind of network like LAN, WAN (Leased Lines, MPLS VPN, ILLs), VSATS, Cloud, Broadband & Datacard and Mobiles.

Runs on Multicast/Unicast/Cloud Technology.

Standards-based products that fully interoperate with your existing environment.

Solutions that help lower your corporate carbon footprint and comply with regulations.

The best way to equip remote employees, students, patients with products that are easy to install, maintain, and use.

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